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With your support...

ROH activates, funds, trains, and recognizes young people and their adult allies around the tri-state area.

With ROH's programs...

Young people strengthen their communities through awareness, service, advocacy, and philanthropy projects.

With young people's leadership...

Communities are healthier, greener, smarter, fairer, cleaner, and safer.

Stronger communities benefit you, and all of us.

How will my donation be used?

​Your financial contribution to ROH will be used to help make service the common expectation and the common experience of every young person. 100% of all charitable contributions go directly to ROH programs. In addition to charitable contributions, you may consider supporting ROH's work through program sponsorship, gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, real estate, legacy gifts, and more. For more information and assistance in facilitating all charitable transactions, contact us at or (908) 244-9000.


Free Ways to Help Rays of Hope, Inc. Raise Much-Needed Funds.


Every time you shop at any of the 1,000+ online stores in the iGive network, a portion of the money you spend benefits Rays of Hope, Inc. It's a free service, and you'll never pay more when you reach a store through iGive. In fact, smart shoppers will enjoy iGive's repository of coupons, free shipping deals, and sales. To get started, just create your free iGive account


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