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Rays of Hope

Raising youth to raise communities

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Our Mission

To engage youth in community service projects that inspire and empower them to serve in ways that will promote leadership.

Our Vision

To create service and leadership development opportunities for youth, thereby empowering them to become caring, productive, and engaged members of the community. Our goal is for our youth to not only identify community needs, issues and challenges, but have a desire to advocate for and then take action to make a difference in their communities. This will be accomplished through their participation in planning outreach projects as well as participating in learning opportunities that educate them on the basics of personal finance, public speaking, entrepreneurship, public service, and organizational development.


“I am a proud member of Rays Of Hope. Our organization does everything it possibly can to help change the lives of youth in our communities ”


Jade Bramwell 


“I am proud to be a member because this organization pushes me to be my greatest self and teaches me that the sky is the limit”


Jayla George


“I am proud to be a member of Rays of Hope.  I have learned how to become a leader as well as had the opportunity to mentor our younger members. I'm passionate about community service and the importance of giving back.”

Alina DeZoysa 


Community Service is an essential aspect of our organization. 

Rays of Hope organizes a number of community service project every year. 


Advocacy is a key component of our organization. 

Rays of Hope host and participate in a number of advocacy events every year.


Youth Are the Now! 

Rays of Hope is a youth-led nonprofit organization. Youth gain valuable leadership and professional skills while volunteering with our organization.


Raising Youth To Raise Communities

Thank you for your support.

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